About US

Castillo is a consultancy headed up by Garrett Hauenstein who has worked for years to help brands, both large and small, determine their identity, manage their customer-facing messaging, improve internal culture and ultimately convince the buying public that…


We are a full service digital marketing and engagement firm located in the suburbs of Los Angeles. We specialize in:

Creating positive brand identities through enhancing your customer'S experience from top to bottom.

Our experience is broad but we really like the challenge of taking brands that face the challenge of being "tough to market" and broadening their appeal. 

Or... to put it more bluntly... if your brand isn't the sexiest thing. We can make you sexy. Not with like, actual sex appeal... that's up to you (a few cocktails help... and some Barry White). But we started a decade ago by marketing payroll. If we can build brand loyalty around payroll, we can do it for you. Trust us. No one cares about payroll.